Five Star Hotel Marriott Launches Crown Goose Pkg

 Five star luxury hotel Marriott is the most symbolic name in hotel industry. Marriott stands out among its 30 hotel brands, as Marriott is also a founder’s name. Marriott’s Crown Goose Package is featured among Marriott Bonvoy club members. To boost sales for this package, Marriott newly introduced AI robotics concierge services and a number online services. Crown Goose X Marriott Suite Package offers Crown Goose signature items including Royal Eiderdown Bedding, and access to Marriott M Club Lounge.

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Crown Goose is known for its meticulous bespoke team, which consists of a network of royal chief tailors and craftsmen from around the world. Crown Goose’s bespoke service aims to reflect each customer’s lifestyle and sleeping habits. Recently, Crown Goose bespoke team unveiled bespoke work for NEEL 51 Super Yacht. The 51-feet super yacht’s master cabin and salon were decorated according to the client’s request.

Five Star Hotel Marriott Launches Crown Goose Pkg
Five Star Hotel Marriott Launches Crown Goose Pkg

Crown Goose boasts its goose down pillows whose 3-layered construction provides you a scientific comfort for an extraordinary sleep. Their customers, influencers, and celebrities enjoy a good night’s sleep through the comfort of their goose down pillows. Experience the 875 FP (fill power) of their goose down pillows – complimentary shipping is still available.

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