Seoul Living Design Fair 2023 X CROWN GOOSE

Seoul Living Design Fair 2023 X CROWN GOOSE

To celebrate Crown Goose’s official participation in the Seoul Living Design Fair 2023—the largest high-living show in South Korea—we’re offering limited-edition gifts to customers who purchase our Majesty, Royal Wedding, or Wedding collections online while supplies last.

Known as Korea’s largest lifestyle fair, the Seoul Living Design Fair 2023 used the entirety of Seoul’s vast COEX building as its canvas, giving viewers the opportunity to place their fingers on the pulse of the trends that flow through the furniture, interior, textiles, and fashion fields. Every year, talented designers and high-end brands celebrate their creative journey together toward ever-greater art.

Seoul Living Design Fair 2023 X CROWN GOOSE

Moving a step beyond simply appreciating products, the Seoul Living Design Fair encompasses seminars and special exhibitions that include condensed forms of recent trends. Get a glimpse of the myriad of colors that the show incorporates and learn why it’s known as one of the world’s top-five high-living fairs.

Opening this time under the themes of “small” and “art,” the Seoul Living Design Fair 2023 featured a speech from an experimental viewpoint by GamFratesi, a design duo that has drawn worldwide attention. Along with this came the appearance of major British heritage brands as well as watchmaking brands that showcased sophisticated movements to share in a form of aesthetic communion in celebration of the 140th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Britain.

Seoul Living Design Fair 2023 X CROWN GOOSE

Fragment of Lines rhythmically unfolds the mystery of the line: an organic formative element inherent in general human experience via spatial drawings. The indescribable elegance of the curve and the myriad of shapes outside the line observed on the other side express the joy of everyday life that the average person has been unable to successfully seek out.

Transforming into an infinite form based on its viewer’s gaze, Crown Goose’s New Art Foundation presents a philosophical perspective that transcends the field of high-living through abstract gestures, imbuing everyday life with an advanced level of beauty.

Crown Goose is known for sublimating everything that holds life within it into a single work of art and imbuing every space it touches with pure vitality. Let Crown Goose help you escape to world of elegance held together by poetic emotion.

Seoul Living Design Fair 2023 X CROWN GOOSE
Seoul Living Design Fair 2023 X CROWN GOOSE

An aggregation of irregularly drawn lines is an organic shape with no fixed beginning or end. But more than that, when intersections of the lines scattered about within a single space are connected, it can become a fragment that possesses independent movement.

Having its roots in Friedrich Nietzsche’s perspectivism, which opposes universal and absolute truth, spatially divisive art-bedding breaks free from the fixed image of lines as they exist in the human mind.

The moment in which the fluid appearance outside of the lines begins to expand endlessly within the bounds of space and time—the so-called “sculptural moment”—has been made the central focus.

Mediated reality involves no distinction between the fictitious and non-fictitious, taking abstract gestures and repeating a series of chain reactions that are fused and dismantled dozens of times over from the spectators’ contemplative gazes and traces of experience before ultimately arriving at a state of continuous impermanence.

Formed from the spatial crossing of lines that each carries within them individual and unique rhythms, the fragments are metaphors for the results of spatial drawings and synchronic landscapes composed of endlessly repeating elements of coincidence.

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