The launch of the 2023 Limited Edition Marine Collection

To celebrate the launch of the 2023 Limited Edition Marine Collection, a marvelous summer creation, Crown Goose is offering limited-edition gifts to customers who purchase our Majesty, Royal Wedding, and Wedding collections online while supplies last.

With the special-edition Marine Collection for the Summer 2023 season, luxury hotel bedding brand Crown Goose’s Bespoke team is offering up a chance at the most refreshing R&R, brought about by erasing the boundaries of space as the tides of inspiration crash onto the shores of a truly idyllic vacation spot.

Creating wonderful moments in yachting life together with Sunseeker—one of the world’s top 3 yacht brands—the Crown Goose Marine Collection is a cultural emblem that stylishly defines individual tastes by combining, romantic sensibility with a spirit of utility.

Crown Goose is widely known for its goose down pillows that are the softest to skin as well as greatly supportive to keep your neck health. Their customers, influencers, and celebrities enjoy an extraordinary sleep experience through the comfort of their goose down pillows. Take a look at their best-selling goose down pillows and try for yourself – complimentary shipping is still available.

Crown Goose’s Bespoke service gets its name from the word “bespeak” of medieval aristocrats. Let Bespoke help you design a space that will be your own unique palette of inspiration.

A “summer miniature,” the Marine Collection has been made with a Duchess Goose Down duvet and a beryl spread and pad, evoking feelings of the sea’s crashing waves.

Under the scorching sun, the paradoxical pairing proposed by Crown Goose invites you to a summer space mixed with a veritable mosaic of conflicting images.

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