112th California Art Club Exhibition X CROWN GOOSE

112th California Art Club Exhibition X CROWN GOOSE X CROWN GOOSE

To celebrate Crown Goose’s official sponsorship of the 112th California Art Club Exhibition, we’re offering special, limited-edition gifts to customers who purchase our Majesty, Royal Wedding, and Wedding collections online while supplies last.

112th California Art Club Exhibition X CROWN GOOSE X CROWN GOOSE

Known for exploring the world of timeless luxury, the global goose-down bedding brand Crown Goose was an official sponsor of the 112th California Art Club Gold Medal Exhibition held at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, California.


The California Art Club Medal Exhibition is a massive exhibition 
that features over 200 paintings and sculptures alongside artwork that miraculously captures 
the organic flow of time, bringing it beautifully to the fingertips of human beings.


Blazing new trails in the sophisticated, high-class lifestyle field, Crown Goose is continuing its art project of expanding the base of cultural art while exhilaratingly enjoying brilliant pieces of heritage such as these beautiful works of art.

Presenting an artistic life based on its infinite worldview, Crown Goose presents elegant beauty with modern splendor through the essence of thought that opens the door to a new era.

Crown Goose is known for its goose down pillows that are the softest to skin as well as greatly supportive to keep your neck health. Their customers, influencers, and celebrities enjoy an extraordinary sleep experience through the comfort of their goose down pillows. Take a look at their best-selling goose down pillows and try for yourself – complimentary shipping is still available.

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