To celebrate the participation of luxury bedding brand Crown goose in 2023 New York Now, we’re offering limited-edition gifts to customers who purchase our Majesty, Royal Wedding, and Wedding collections online while supplies last.

Gathering a myriad of inspirations into a single tapestry, luxury bedding brand Crown Goose has eked out a spot as a symbol of metaphysical beauty over the years. 

This year, the luxury living brand participated in the global industry-leading event New York Now 2023, held in New York, showcasing its unique artistic language system while presenting a diverse range of charms.

New York Now 2023 brought together thousands of legacy and emerging brands, weaving them together to form a beautiful tapestry of clear heritage. The event featured a diverse array of objects, from compact yet robustly designed accessories to tasteful home decor items, all responsible for creating an aesthetic feel that breathes together in one single harmony.

With the participation of over 4,000 brands, interactive showcases, and workshops for New York trendsetters were conducted as well, contributing to the establishment of a network that is truly on a global scale.

Aiming to inspire emerging designers and modern interior experts alike, royal warrant brand Crown Goose unveiled a luxury collection for everyday life that conveys the value of living as a source of joy emanating from its exclusive charm.

Now, you can discover the true essence with a fresh perspective as you embrace the high-end art furniture offered by Crown Goose. It’s time to build an everlasting luxury statement with Crown Goose’s special collection.

The Global House of Luxury Bedding


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