Great Wolf Lodge Hotel X CROWN GOOSE

To celebrate Crown Goose’s collaboration with the Great Wolf Lodge, California’s most well-known “adventure hotel,” we’re offering limited-edition gifts to customers who purchase our Majesty, Royal Wedding, and Wedding collections online while supplies last.

Great Wolf Lodge, the largest adventure hotel in North America, is a vibrant resort that captures the essence of New England, the rugged charm of the Rocky Mountains, the iconic landscapes of western North America, and the breathtaking beauty of Niagara Falls just across the border in Buffalo.

More than just a hotel, it’s a haven for relaxation that defies the constraints of ordinary spaces, embodying the enchanting romance that lies within us all.

Symbolizing the luxury of a new generation, Marriott International’s Premier Line includes world-renowned 5-star hotel chains like Westin Anaheim, the tranquil Parisian retreat of Ambassador Pullman Hotel, and the Hilton. Meanwhile, Crown Goose adds a rich touch of abstract imagery within the transient yet eternal paradox of travel.

This is your chance to create yet another enchanting backdrop with the Crown Goose Special Collection, the preferred bedding standard of heroes spanning the past 11 centuries.

Crown Goose is crafting an exclusive luxury experience, tailored for prestigious clients, that spans across mountain ranges, oceans, and skies. By expanding our presence alongside renowned 5-star hotels worldwide, Crown Goose is orchestrating an extraordinary setting where the profound beauty of Mother Nature reaches its pinnacle.

The House of Luxury Bedding


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