Hotel Comfort: CROWN GOOSE Down Pillows & Shams

CROWN GOOSE down pillows are a must in any luxury hotel.


Hotel grade CROWN GOOSE Down pillows are versatile and can be used throughout the year—including summer.


But won’t Goose Down pillows be too hot during summer?


Not at all.

This perception arises due to the excellent insulation Goose Down provides during fall and winter.


Goose Down is suitable for use during spring, summer, fall/autumn, and winter.

One advantage of using CROWN GOOSE down products during summer is the absorptive qualities as well as breathability.


If you have ever been to a high-end hotel, you will know the feeling.

Soft and cozy to the touch, you can have the luxury of the hotel in your home.


Weight & Thickness


CROWN GOOSE offers pillows in 760g and 560g.

In general, most global hotel chains use the standard used by our 760g pillow.

In accordance to popular demand we also provide thinner pillows in 560g.


Everyone is different. Everyone has preference.

We at CROWN GOOSE recognize the individuality of each person.


“Deep Sleep” is our task and mission.

To anyone experiencing difficulty sleeping, we highly recommend the use of Goose Down pillows.


How Big Are Hotel Pillows


The general standard of pillow dimensions used in hotels is 70x50cm. CROWN GOOSE abides to this global standard.


CROWN GOOSE also offers pillow shams.

A staple of European home decoration, we offer this elegant pillow in two sizes.


CROWN GOOSE square Pillow Sham 65×65 (European style)

CROWN GOOSE rectangular Pillow Sham 80x60cm (Standard style)


Discover the perfect sleeping environment with hotel grade Goose Down pillows and shams.

Enjoy deep sleep all year round—even during summer.


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