Crown Goose sponsoring event “The Annual Jaguar Land Rover Golf Classic”, one of the most exclusive and private golf tournaments took place at South Cape and Black Stone Golf Club. According to a press statement issued by the MBN, the Jaguar Land Rover Golf Classic, sponsored by Crown Goose and KB Capital, is a premium golfing event that gives amateur golfers the opportunity to participate in a professional tournament that meets international golfing standards.



Senior Manager from Crown Goose stated: “We support golf and are committed to help the game flourish. The tournament recreates the challenges similar to the ones faced at the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) and gives the players a chance to play under tournament conditions and feel the pressure of a seeded draw.


“We look forward to the new edition of the Jaguar Land Rover Golf Classic and are confident that it will outdo all expectations.”The Jaguar Land Rover Golf Classic is a highly anticipated golfing tournament, one that the entire Golfing community  looks forward to.



Manager from CROWN GOOSE , expressed the organization’s pride in managing this event by stating:“It is an honor to associate with a golfing tournament of this magnitude. The Classic, to be staged at South Cape and Black Stone, will witness the coming together of golfers of varying handicap who will take on the challenge of taming the greens.“The course has changed since last year and it’s going to be interesting to see how the players fair with the changes. I always look forward to this tournament as it sets a new standard every year”


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