CROWN GOOSE, the global goose down brand, exhibited its premium bedding collections at the Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel Wedding Fair.

Brand Zone


The combination of cozy lighting and candlelight complemented the sweet scent of flowers and fashioned a rich atmosphere.


The Jardin (beige) Collection from CROWN GOOSE took the spotlight by setting a classic hotel style vibe. The 100% silk Noble Collection was also exhibited—melded smoothly into the colors of Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam while exalting the mood with its distinct elegance.


Numerous objet d’art from CROWN GOOSE furnished the interior to add an elegant harmony to the space.

Other luxury brand items were also displayed. There were diamonds from GOLDEN DEW, British IFPA global aroma therapy wedding candles, and tailored wedding works from LORD AND TAIOR. All items were carefully selected to style the rare but special moment in life.

Five-star hotel finger food was provided to guests and created a joyous mood ahead of the show.


Hall Styling

The hotel floral team CHLORIS and LEO KIM decorated the wedding space to further illuminate the bride.

SKETCH 01 Love, Temperature of Affection [Light]

SKETCH 02 Dream, Walking With You

SKETCH 03 Now, Is This Your Season

SKETCH 04 Heart, You and I Under Starlight

SKETCH 05 Brilliance, The Starting Road

Each hall interpreted love in a unique way and were designed to complement the tenderness between partners.

Wedding Dress Show & Dinner


A wedding dress show and dinner were offered at the Grand Ballroom.


New 2018 collections were revealed by the dress specialist brand KATE BLANC.

From traditional wedding attire to glamorous party dresses, the show offered excellent variety.

The hotel kitchen presented a Korean fusion menu with Keumyang International wine.


Crown Goose will always strive to share knowledge of culture and art while offering you the classiest lifestyle options.

The Past, Present, and Future of Luxury



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