Goose Down Comforter in Beverly Hills (Crown Goose)

Recently moving to LA, and one of the things I really wanted to improve was my bedding. I ended up getting a really nice goose down comforter and would thought it would be great to share this review.


A couple of months ago I stayed at SLS Beverly Hills Hotel. I passed by a brand event r party of some sort.


Being curious and all, I walked up to the place to take a look around. There were a bunch of gifts on display but I couldn’t get into the party as it was invitation only. However, one of the organizers did give me a brochure of the brand.


Apparently this was a brand party sponsored by a goose bedding brand called Crown Goose. The showroom wasn’t too far away, and I did want new bedding—so I thought why not? There were no goose down comforters on display at the party (and I couldn’t get in anyway).


It was really cool seeing goose down for the first time (kind of like seeing snow for the first time). It felt really different. It was definitely much softer than what I was used to. I used to use polyester type bedding, which wasn’t bad, but natural goose material does feel a lot more comfy.


According to the showroom staff, a lot of the most recognizable brands get contain Polish and Hungarian down and feathers. Crown Goose mainly sold Polish goose down comforters, so I went with that.


Crown Goose had some really neat looking covers, I decided to go for it. They also offered bedding sets. I never really liked floral designs, and Crown Goose had a variety of neat and simple hotel-style covers.


I was kind of on the run, so I took only a few close-up pictures. The staff were really nice and had a lot of information on goose down. Turns out people normally dry clean goose down comforters about once a year. The covers are made of cotton, so they just need to be washed—no biggie. They recommended I wash the covers whenever they become contaminated. I’m pretty lazy with laundry anyway, so I’m pretty satisfied with the easy maintenance. I’ll just have to refrain from eating on the bed too often.


I’m single, and it was kind of funny that I got the wedding package but it was a good deal. It included a summer goose down comforter as well as one for winter. I still need to get the house in order but I really like the clean look and I’m pretty happy with what I got.


Sometimes LA weather is nice, and sometimes it’s pretty to hot (to me anyway). Nothing the AC can’t handle. It’s my first time actually using a goose down comforter, but I must say it feels really cozy.

They only have one shop in Beverly Hills, and I live pretty far from the store, but I’d visit again given the chance. I do drop by the area once in a while, and they did mention that they send party invites to frequent customers. It would be pretty cool to go next time. Hopefully I’ll be invited?

All in all, this was a great buy. Great product for people living in LA.

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  1. oh wow~Beverly Hills!

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