Grown Goose Comforter and More

Premium goose down comfoter brand Crown Goose is moving into the home collection by launching a new collection called Crown Goose Bath Collection. The collection is available now with pre-order and will be on special promotion until end of October. Ranging between 20~200 dollar, Crown Goose Bath Collection is a chic collection which gives a nod to luxe lifestyle where utility, modernity and a rich aura combine to create an effortless wardrobe. “We have a keen understanding of the needs of Crown Goose customer, who wants to feel relaxed, but not necessarily casual,” said Crown Goose Chief of Design Casey Kim. “We are extremely proud of the new home collection offering.” The Crown Goose Bath Collection this season is inspired by traditional Yacht motifs with stripes and clean shapes and tropical paradise, and high-energy colors. Crown Goose Bath Collection is a sign and manifestation of luxurious life style for the Crown Goose woman.


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  1. love the image!

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