New Portuguese Cover Line Launched in Germany


Crown Goose, also known as Crown Goose of Denmark, is a goose down comforter brand. The brand has been designing some of the finest line of home bedding products. New Portuguese cover line from Crown Goose is set to be launched at the Heimtextil Fair in Germany on January 12, 2016. Post launch, the brand’s products will be available with global distributors. Launched by a group of savvy designers, Crown Goose beautifies homes with a blend of classical antiquity and innovative modernity through its home bedding line-up that includes decorative cushions, duvets, and duvet covers, and other items. The brand’s core group of designers value creative fascination and passion, and have helped design the brand’s famous product lines with eco-friendly materials that cause no harm to environment and the end customers. The designers frequently travel around the world to attend trade fairs and seminars to study home decor trends and traditions, which help them strike the right balance in their designs. This inadvertently helps the brand trade its products successfully. Crown Goose product is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and unique, and this has primarily helped Crown Goose home bedding products receive rave reviews in the global home decor arena. The brand has presence or has plan to plan to expand in Europe, US, Japan, China and Korea. Crown Goose humble beginnings and values, keeps it progressively fixed on meeting its objectives diligently and consistently. Its dynamic and continually evolving new product lines create new home decor trends. From whimsical lively patterns to classic European styles and timeless designs, Crown Goose home linens and duvets deliver uniqueness and appeal as a fundamental characteristic. In addition, all product lines incorporate in their designs, a conglomeration of different traditions and cultures witnessed in countries across the world.

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