The annual International Yacht Show was held in South East Asia’s Korea from March 23 to March 26. Participants to this event had access to the latest news in yacht industry and had chance to experience newest models of Bavaria and Contest52MC of Hyundai Yachats. In this event, there were not only luxurious Yachts, but also luxury linen brand Crown Goose. With its exquisite display and values, Crown Goose showed that luxury linen is not only suitable for home-style but also on water. During this event, Crown Goose presented the new Yacht Bespoke Service, which now allows customizing of all product categories to make perfect space for Yacht. A personnel from Crown Goose stated “we will continue to widen use of goose down comforter and duvet around the world.” As Crown Goose is becoming one of the most popular brands for the down comfoter and duvet industry in the region, yacht bespoke service is gaining much attention.

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