Autumn has really crept up on us hasn’t it? I’ve gone into full-on nesting mode and I’ve been cosying up with some new bedding from Crown Goose

Crown Goose is a global luxury bedding producer found on beds in luxury boutique hotels and worldwide chains, yachts and private jets. Since it’s the celeb’s choice, I was desperate to try the bedding for myself!

Here’s my bed dressed in the goose down duvet and Crown Goose’s beautiful, elegant ivory duvet cover.


Goose down is a great material for bedding because it’s warm and cosy in the winter, but light and cool in the summer, so you won’t have to sleep with one leg out of the covers when you get too hot! It’s a great insulator, but is still breathable, so it stays light and dries fast. Crown Goose uses top quality 100% goose down from Poland to fill their 100% cotton duvets, unlike lower end brands which pad out the real goose down with polyester and even potentially harmful substances!

When I was reading up on duvets for this post, I discovered that there’s actually a lot to the task of choosing bedding! First of all, ‘goose material’ does not always imply high quality, as it may be mostly feathers and not down. A high down count indicates a high quality duvet. Crown Goose duvets are 100% Polish goose down – and you can’t get better quality than 100%! After collecting the down, they then clean it at least 14 times!

You should also look at something called ‘fill power’ (no, I hadn’t heard of it either) when choosing a goose down duvet. This means the amount of space 1oz of down takes up, so essentially how fluffy the duvet is. You should look for a high fill power because it shows the material is stable and will still feel new after each night’s sleep.

You may be a little nervous to purchase something with a higher price point, especially if you’re on a tight budget like I am, but given that Crown Goose’s goose down duvets can last a DECADE with proper care, it’s really an investment as you’d have to replace low quality duvets much more often anyway. I tend to instinctively buy the cheapest version of something I can find, but this ends up costing me more in the long run, so I’m trying to buy fewer but higher quality things!

I’ve found it really warm and cosy, and I love the simplicity of the ivory duvet pattern. You can feel that it’s high quality, and I really notice the difference compared to my old polyester duvet! It arrived in nice packaging and in good time, so really the only ‘downside’ is the price – but remember, you get what you pay for.

For those wondering, I got the Medium Queen size duvet and the Losange duvet cover. I would also recommend the Sopor duvet cover, which is a gorgeous, silky, purple-ish grey, and the Navy Jardin duvet cover, which is white with elegant navy edging.

This is the Losange duvet in more detail: (photo from crowngooseelobal.com)







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