Crown Goose Sponsors Crypto on the Beach 2018

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YANGYANG, GANGWON, SOUTH KOREA, October 1, 2018 / — As currencies evolve, so too does society. Crypto on the Beach 2018, a social design hackathon hosted by Art Center Nabi, was successfully held at Naksan Beach Hotel. This event was sponsored by Crown Goose, the luxury goose down bedding brand. Programmers, designers, professionals, and students from a multitude of industries consolidated knowledge and research to find solutions to use blockchain technology for social development while supporting local businesses and the rising culture of surfing.

Blockchain has exploded into e-commerce in recent years through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium. Related news has inundated the global media and has been closely by the media of the host nation as well.

Surfing does not have a long and storied history in Korea. The activity is relatively new in this region, and many believe it was too much of a counterculture to actually catch on. However, sometimes the underdog finds its day, and surfing has certainly found its place here today. Participants of the hackathon were given the opportunity to experience the uniqueness of surfing culture and were provided Crown Goose hotel grade bath towels to dry up.

Directors and representatives from Nabi and Crown Goose came to support to the event and its participants. Art Center Nabi has been creating platforms for various forms of art and culture and exhibits some of its work in its museum in Seoul.

Crown Goose is a luxury goose down bedding brand that made a name for itself with its elegant collections of European goose down duvets and unique cover designs that range from classic styles to modern. Their luxury hotel bath collections were handed out during the surfing event to ensure that the each participant was well rested and comfortable.

The Crown Goose hotel bath collection was promoted in conjunction with the Crown Goose Art Foundation, which acts in a similar capacity to Art Center Nabi. According to a representative from Crown Goose, “The promotion of art, culture, and technology is an essential part of our humanity.” On why they were sponsoring this event, the representative answered, “We alone cannot change the world—and so we must work together. Luxury does not mean only gold and silver. It must be elegant. And what is elegance if not unique?”

In search of this elegance, Art Center Nabi and Crown Goose have collaborated on a number of projects, including the annual Art Residency Program which hosts an international cast of artists who exhibit their unique works ranging from paintings and digital displays to documentaries or one of a kind contraptions.


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