Shin-Soo Choo and the Most Expensive Bedding in the World

On December 27, Crown Goose released the most expensive bedding in the world. Sources estimate the value of the bedding in the range of USD 350,000 to USD 400,000.

The luxury bedding was released to celebrate the record breaking achievements of MLB right fielder Shin-Soo Choo of the Texas Rangers. The Eponymous “Shin-Soo Choo Edition” bedding eclipsed a 12 year record held by Nishikawa (approximately USD 300,000) for most expensive bedding.


This limited edition bedding planned and designed by an international team of experts and designers of the Crown Goose Bespoke team as per Shin-Soo Choo’s request. Bespoke, colloquially known as custom-made, derives from bespeak meaning to speak for something. Most commonly applied to tailored clothing, the concept translates into luxury bedding today.


The finest materials from around the world were used to reflect the achievements of Choo. The duvet cover is made from silk and is filled with the highest quality eiderdown. Eiderdown is a rare type of down from Iceland and limited to 1000kg annual batches. The rarity and excellence of the material highlights the quality of the player and the man.


According to a Crown Goose Bespoke designer, the use of eiderdown in the bedding is a major reason for the price valuation. The rare down was gathered from waterfowl eider ducks originating from Iceland and Greenland. Waterfowl of the region have evolved to withstand the cold weathers of the north, and none more so than the eider duck. The procurement process of eiderdown is considerate of animal welfare. The down is not plucked, but gathered from eider duck nests once that have been abandoned. Approximately 20g of down can be gathered from each nest.


According to a Crown Goose marketing representative, “Each set of this particular limited edition bedding contains about 1.1kg of eiderdown.” The VIP launching ceremony was held in Grand Intercontinental Hotel Parnas. The ceremony included a dining session with Crown Goose VIP guests and a brief interview with Choo, who expressed his appreciation for the special edition bedding project and gift.

This project was funded by the Crown Goose Art Foundation. Crown Goose explores new movements in the world through the timelessness of art. Every year the Crown Goose Art Foundation pursues unique projects and collaborates with various artists to create new experiences and promote the luxury lifestyle.

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