CROWN GOOSE entry lines are Homage of CROWN GOOSE bespoke team’s masterpiece. The strict procedure is applied for all Crown Goose products. The finest goose down (EN12934) 100% from Poland and sateen cotton from Japan are used for our entry line products.  CROWN GOOSE entry line products are used by world renounced celebrities, private aircraft, mansion, yacht owners and five star hotels.

Our variety of product lines use different materials such as Hungarian goose down, Siberian goose down. Per client request, we produce beddings with specific filling requirement.

Our manufacturers are based in China, Korea, USA, Denmark and etc. CROWN GOOSE manufactures and country of origin may differ from a product to a product, yet all our products go through rigorous quality assurance procedure and are guaranteed by CROWN GOOSE GLOBAL policy. With extra charge, Crown Goose team at your region can arrange a product with client’s request for a specific country of origin.

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