Asia’s one of most prominent Hotelplexes, Yongsan Dragon City Hotel Grand Mercure and global luxury goose down bedding brand Crown Goose collaborate to showcase Grand Mercure Crown Goose Suite Room Package from July 20th to August 31st.

Yongsan Dragon City Hotel is a part of Accor Hotel Group from France, and is the largest hotel in Korea with 1,700 rooms, 11 restaurants and bars. The hotel can accommodate up to 4,900 people. Yongsan Dragon City includes four brands: Grand Mercure, Novotel Suites, Novotel Ambassador, and ibis Styles Ambassador.

Crown Goose Suite Room Package is located in Grand Mercure, known as a 6-star hotel from the Accor Hotel Group. Grand Mercure has upto 3 bedrooms, full kitchen facility, and indoor golf course and an access to executive floor lounge.

Grand Mercure’s Crown Goose package room is decorated with royal gold color, which symbolizes success, elegance, and royal authority. This Grand Mercure Suite room displays the top 0.05% of Crown Goose clients’ favorite bedding items. The room package also includes gift box of towel sets.

Crown Goose, a global eiderdown brand has showcased “Crown Goose Room Package” in Hilton hotels before. Hilton’s ocean suite room, the highest room in Hilton accommodated a number of celebrities.

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Crown Goose is a goose down brand loved by the world’s top clients and super riches. Crown Goose’s recent clients included New York Manhattan Super Rich’s Residence, 15 Hudson Yards and many Beverly Hills mansions. Thanks to these facts, Crown Goose has established itself as a high-end luxury goose down comforter among the wealthy. 

Crown Goose boasts its goose down pillows whose 3-layered construction provides you a scientific comfort for an extraordinary sleep. Their customers, influencers, and celebrities enjoy a good night’s sleep through the comfort of their goose down pillows. Experience the 875 FP (fill power) of their goose down pillows – complimentary shipping is still available.

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