Crown Goose and 5 star hotel Mayfield launches Presidential Suite Package. 5 star hotel Mayfield provides special offers including the most luxurious bedding products from Crown Goose, laundry service, executive lounge, gym and swimming pool access. Most of all, the suite room comes with a great view of private natural garden space from the living room.  

According to Crown Goose brand manager, Mayfield x Crown Goose Presidential Suite Package is designed to satisfy top 0.05% clients. Along with Crown Goose luxury bedding item, a variety of hotel facilities such as access to garden bell tower and 300 yards golf field are special features of this hotel package.

Crown Goose Presidential Suite Package offers a perfect night in the larges hotel suite room with a subtle gold feast created by the Golden Leaf, as well as a gift box containing Crown Goose luxury hotel towels. From recent cooperation with world renowned universities such as Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Crown Goose bedding were acknowledged by world class scholars. Crown Goose recently launched a number of 5 star hotel packages including France’s Accor Group’s Grand Mercure, Grand Hilton and Hilton Busan.

Besides 5 star hotel projects, Crown Goose, a luxury goose down bedding brand has been carrying out various international projects around the world, including New York Fashion Week and Emmy Awards Lounge Party.

Crown Goose operates a number of boutique shops around the world. Crown Goose flag ship store in Beverly Hills has been visited by the global celebrities and influencers. “We extremely value our clients and strive to meet their needs. Our clients are usually from wealthy residences including 15 Hudson Yards, LA FIGUEROA APEX, and Hong Kong Harbourside.

Crown Goose’s recent art display “The Digital Tapestry” using projection mapping techniques was an event to appreciate and please the brand’s clients. Crown Goose is becoming a symbol of culture and art beyond luxury hotel bedding brand. Crown Goose Atelier and Art Foundation are at the core of Crown Goose’s art activities; they are leading art institutions strengthening Crown Goose’s position as a high-end luxury bedding brand.   

Crown Goose information can be found in a number of leading magazines. Crown Goose, along with Louis Vuitton, Baccara, Hermes, and Hastens, was selected as the 2020 Best Brand by Maison Marie Claire, a global lifestyle magazine. Crown Goose was recently featured in the total high-end magazine VANITIY FAIR, the European upper-class living magazine TATLER, and the high-fashion magazine VOGUE.

Crown Goose is widely known for its goose down pillows that are the softest to skin as well as greatly supportive to keep your neck health. Their customers, influencers, and celebrities enjoy an extraordinary sleep experience through the comfort of their goose down pillows. Take a look at their best-selling goose down pillows and try for yourself – complimentary shipping is still available.

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