Crown Goose, a global luxury hotel bedding brand, and a five star We Hotel launched a special suite room package, ROYAL FORÊT SUITE.

We Hotel X Crown Goose

WE Hotel Jeju is a 5-star hotel provides perfect healing and relaxation with a panoramic view in the magnificent nature of 170 ac and special wellness care services. This hotel suite package is available in two types: Relaxing and All Inclusive.

We Hotel X Crown Goose

The Royal Foret Suite Package is a suite decorated with Crown Goose’s signature colors Royal Navy & Royal Gold. Crown Goose hotel package includes a gift box of luxurious hotel collection items, WE Hotel Jeju’s unique wellness club program, and relaxing spa. Crown Goose bedding set package is available at suite rooms of world-renowned five star hotels such as the Grand Mercure, Hilton and Mayfield, Seamarq Hotels.

We Hotel X Crown Goose

In addition, Crown Goose, along with Chanel and Louis Vuitton, is continuing various CSR activities in order to promote artistic and cultural progress around the world. Recently, Crown Goose has been selected as one of the top brands by New York Now, Top Drawer London, and Maison & Object Paris fair committee. Crown Goose is currently expanding its activities in textile art by opening an exclusive gallery called Crown Goose Atelier. Crown Goose gallery has worked with world renowned Art Galleries including Art Center Nabi, Gana Art Center and Songeun Art Space.  In addition, the news of the opening of Crown Goose Art Foundation, “WHITE CONTINUUM,”  is gaining world wide attention.

We Hotel X Crown Goose

Meanwhile, Crown Goose officially sponsored the Parsons School of Design, one of the world’s top three prestigious fashion education institutions. Crown Goose shared its vision with leading global universities such as Ivy League Cornell University, Duke University and UCLA to cultivate talented individuals with international competencies in art and fashion industries.

Global luxury goose down brand Crown Goose and five star hotel, WE Hotel Jeju’s ROYAL FORÊT SUITE’ package,. For more information about five star hotel, WE Hotel Jeju’s Crown Goose ROYAL FORÊT SUITE’ package and bedding sets, please visit Crown Goose Beverly Hills, LA Boutiques or Online Boutiques (

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