Luxury Bedding for Private Yachts

Crown Goose, the global house of luxury bedding, is known for its luxurious, chic, and classic goose down duvets and soft-touch duvet cover sets, along with other bedding pieces like pillows, shams, and mattress toppers.

Luxury duvets are used not only in homes but also in five-star hotels, like Marriott and Hilton. Some individuals who appreciate the value of deep sleep purchase duvets for their private jets and yachts as well. Even though people usually stay in their yachts and jets for a few days, bedding is still important for individuals to enjoy their vacations.

Goose down helps duvets circulate air, keeping sleepers warm in a cold weather and cool in a hot weather. Therefore, goose down is the perfect choice for a duvet despite its high cost. On top of duvets, Crown Goose’s goose down mattress toppers are also beloved by owners of yachts and private jets.

Crown Goose goose down mattress toppers are dual layered and packed with a combination of premium goose down and the softest, springiest, white goose feathers. The mixture results in a layer of delicious comfort that captures heat and distributes it evenly to every part of your body it comes in contact with. Elasticated corners will remain securely attached to mattress even in a bad weather.

Celebrities, sports stars, executive leaders, and the royal family have enjoyed their goose down duvets and pillows for their private yachts. Crown Goose Marine Collection is recommended for yachts and suitable for both summer and winter.

Crown Goose is well-known for its goose down pillows that are filled with the highest-quality European goose down/feather and are soft and fluffy at the perfect level. Our customers, influencers, and celebrities enjoy an extraordinary sleep experience through the comfort of their goose down pillows.

Quality is the key to our business and imperative at Crown Goose. We strive relentlessly for perfection and are meticulous to detail.

Our aim is to apply this philosophy to every service and provide a standard of excellence to each and every product

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