Luxury Yacht Azimut Collaborates with Crown Goose, the luxury bedding brand

To celebrate its collaboration with Azimut—one of the world’s top 3 yacht makers—Crown Goose is offering limited-edition gifts to customers who purchase their Royal Wedding and Crown Collections online while supplies last.

The renowned Italian yacht brand beloved for its sporty charm and sensual design among the Europe’s affluent, Azimut has collaborated with the Crown Goose Bespoke team to fashion a wholly unique sanctuary that fully incorporates the cobalt-blue Mediterranean scenery under the blazing sun.

One of the world’s top 3 luxury yacht makers alongside Sunseeker and Ferretti, Azimut is originally from Italy, a country known for being the chosen retreat of rich elites.

Known for being selected as the highlight of international boat shows held every year in Dubai, Venice, Palm Beach, and elsewhere, the Azimut yacht series is considered to hold the perfect balance between a playful interior layout and dynamic lines, making it appear to have been sculpted by the winds themselves.

Alongside top-class yacht designers such as Sunseeker, known for their multi-million-dollar luxurious yacht; Bavaria Yachts, the crown jewel of German yacht technology; and Neel Trimaran Super Yacht, the winner of the World’s Best Boat award; the Crown Goose Bespoke Team is sailing towards a new horizon as it equips the super luxury yachts around the world with their classic luxury bedding pieces, like European goose down duvets, three-layered goose down pillows, and Goose Down Mattress Toppers.

For those who are looking for luxury bedding for their yachts, Crown Goose is offering the Marine Bedding Collection available for a limited time only.

Goose down is the perfect material for a duvet if one desires an exceptionally cozy sleep experience in their yachts. Crown Goose European Goose Down Duvets are filled with the finest goose down and feather to provide warmth and comfort.

The Royal Eiderdown duvets are also available for those who prefer a lighter yet cozier duvet. Eiderdown is one of the most difficult natural materials to extract from the nature, so an eiderdown duvet typically costs higher than the goose down duvets; however, there is a reason individuals pay higher cost for eiderdown.

Take a look at Crown Goose’s online boutique store today and bring the luxury experience to your homes, yachts, and jets.

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