Bespoke Collaboration for the Summer Limited Marine Collection X Azimut

To celebrate the Bespoke Collaboration for the Summer Limited Marine Collection X Azimut, Crown Goose is offering limited-edition gifts to customers who purchase our Majesty, Royal Wedding, and Wedding collections online while supplies last.

Known for creating a never-ending flow of sentimental beauty through delicate crafts and the craftsmanship of royal tailors passed down over centuries, Crown Goose is now presenting the summer-only edition of its Marine Collection, a special limited-edition collection for superyachts and those ready to go on an adventure over the vast sea.

Crown Goose boasts that the new collection will infuse consumers’ space with the vibrant energy of summer with the help of the Marine Collection, preferred by Sunseeker, Azimut, and Bavaria: the top three yacht-makers based in the chosen private getaways of the world’s wealthiest individuals.

Inspired by Mediterranean landscapes, the Crown Goose Marine Collection captures the essence of summer with the combination of the Beryl Spread and Pad, adorned with radiant sparkles, and the Duchess Goose Down Duvets, which deliver an extra touch of freshness.

Special gifts will be given to customers who order the limited Marine collection this summer.

The gifts will include hotel collection items as well as luxury bedding pieces.

Included in the Marine collection is their best goose down pillows that are highly recommended to those looking for luxury yet durable and high-quality pillows crafted from superior European goose down by artisans from around the globe. Their customers, influencers, and celebrities enjoy an extraordinary sleep experience through the comfort of their goose down pillows. Certified by Oeko-Tex standard 100 – class I, Crown Goose goose down pillows are a must-try – complimentary shipping is still available.

Take a look at Crown Goose’s online boutique store today and bring the luxury experience to your homes, yachts, and jets.

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